RSA Logo Alcohol and Alcohol Actions Lecture Series

How to Use These Materials

All of the file formats below use applications that you may download and use for free.

    Through Adobe Acrobat Reader   (Adobe Acrobat Reader is the recommended application for viewing the lectures.)
    Through PowerPoint  
    • The PowerPoint set allows you to edit the slides for your own use.
    • Use this version if you would like to make 35mm slides or overheads.
    • Note: there is additional descriptive material in the "notes" field with some lectures.
    • Download at:

    Through Internet Explorer  
    • If you do not have PowerPoint, use the set of slides developed for use on the web.
    • Use the "outline" icon on the bottom left of the slide presentation to hide or show the outline.
    • You can use these on your desktop and in the classroom with a projector.
    • Do not try to make slides from this set, the resolution is set for computer displays.
    • Download at:

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