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About the Lecture Series

The Lecture Series on "Alcohol Use and Alcohol Actions" comprises 18 lectures which cover Biomedical (alcohol elimination, organ damage, genetic susceptibility, etc) and Psychosocial aspects (statistics, education, prevention, treatment, etc). The lecturers of the Series are 18 outstanding scientists and clinicians. Each lecture has been authoritatively edited by a second specialist in the same topic. Each lecture was delivered in 50 minutes at the 2000 (Denver, CO) and 2001 (Montreal, PQ) meetings of the Research Society on Alcoholism.

The Series provides some 500 slides which can be readily reproduced as transparencies, slides or electronically by those who would want to develop similar courses at their institutions. For the lay person, the Series will provide a valuable reference on the areas in which active research is conducted in the United States. For majority of the lectures in this Series, the information can be readily extrapolated worldwide.

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